It’s Bathtime for These Adorable Rescue Pups!

You can almost smell the puppy breath in this too-cute video from PAWsitive!

A pair of soft brown eyes peek above a cream-colored divider displayed on your computer screen. Sitting atop them are two perky and fuzzy black ears. When the film comes into focus, you see a teacup-sized pooch taking in the world — one full of promise now that he’s been rescued and is being cared for by the nonprofit Found Animals Foundation.

But this little guy is not alone. The onyx-toned pup arrived with a cinnamon-blond-colored pal. Perhaps they’re siblings, or just the best of friends. Either way, they are in very good hands. The duo was discovered in a field, and they’re now being fostered by Adopt & Shop until they’re mature enough to be adopted by a loving pet parent or family.

The 90-second video posted by PAWsitive shows the pair being given a bath, and then gently towel dried so they can play together. Interestingly, they look almost kitten-like with their triangle-shaped ears and sweet little furry faces. It’s heartwarming to see such innocent creatures taken in, taken care of, and shown true compassion.

To learn more about California-based Adopt & Shop, visit And to learn more about the Found Animals Foundation, visit

Whitney C. Harris

Whitney is a New York-based writer for websites including Dogster,, and A former book and magazine editor, she enjoys running (with her dog, Finley), watching movies (also with Finley), and cooking meatless meals (usually with Finley watching close by). She and her husband (and Finley, too) welcomed a baby girl named Rowan in August.


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