Just in Time for Mother’s Day, Dog Moms Get Their Own Anthem

Thanks, Barkpost! We can’t get enough of “Dog Moms Anthem.”

If you consider yourself a dog mom, odds are someone — likely several someones — has shared this Barkpost video with you. And then you shared it all across your social media channels because it’s hilarious and true.

Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out:

Written and performed by T-Spoon and ZZtophalf, it perfectly captures what life is like for a dog mom, from “Wake up in the morning my dog’s on a routine/Walk him in my jammies don’t care if I’m seen” to “We poppin’ bottle service at the dog-friendly joints/if I can’t bring my dog then I just don’t see the point” to “So bomb at belly scratches, I’m like a dog masseuse/And I know he ‘ppreciates cause he brings me his Moose!” Get the full lyrics on YouTube.

So like the song says, “If you’re a dog mom, put your hands up/This song’s for all the ladies who provide for their pup.”

Happy early Mother’s Day!

Pamela Mitchell

Pamela Mitchell

This longtime journalist loves dogs, so much so that she made them her day job in 2014 by joining Dogster.com as Senior Editor. She lives in Houston, Texas, with her sweet and stinky Boston Terriers, Dolly and Spot. Read more of her writing on Dogster and friend her on Facebook.


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