‘Too Licky’ Is Too Cute, and the Children’s Book Will Help Rescue Dogs

Two young sisters wrote the book after finding their “too perfect” pup.

When 4-year-old sisters Gigi and Ryan began their search for a rescue dog to add to their family, they wrote down characteristics that wouldn’t be a good fit: too small, too big, too serious and so on. The girls eventually found and fell in love with stray momma dog Sugar — she was “too perfect” — and now their list will become the children’s book Too Licky, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Gigi, Ryan and Sugar. (Photo courtesy TooLicky.com)
Gigi, Ryan and Sugar. (Photo courtesy TooLicky.com)

The campaign has more than reached its goal, but you still have until Friday night to become a backer and get in on the cool thank-you gifts, such as original artwork by the book’s illustrator, Cynthia Inks.

Other awesome things about this project:


Congrats to this wonderful family, which not only has a new member in Sugar, but the girls will be published authors right around their 7th birthdays!

Pamela Mitchell

Pamela Mitchell

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