Lucky Puppy Peanut Gets a Second Chance

A young rescue dog with a heart condition gets a second chance at life thanks to a generous donor.

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Canine heart surgery costs a good deal more than peanuts, but thanks to a generous donation by Susan and Jay Weiss, owners of Naples, Fla.-based supplement maker Ark Naturals, a 4-month-old Chihuahua named Peanut has a second chance at life.

The little pup arrived at the Humane Society Naples earlier this year. While performing a routine health exam, medical director Rob Fox, DVM, discovered Peanut had a loud heart murmur that put him at risk for heart failure or sudden death.

The only option was to perform a balloon valvuloplasty, a costly heart surgery.

The HSN team went to work. They arranged a discounted surgery fee with the veterinary surgeons at Specialized Veterinary Services in Fort Myers, Fla., and they contacted the Weisses, who have been supporters of the no-kill shelter for many years.

The timing was right. The Weisses had just lost their beloved Havanese Lily Perez, a special-needs rescue, and so when they learned they could help another rescued pet with his own special need, they made the generous offer to pay for the cost of Peanut’s surgery.

The operation was a success. The volunteers and staff at HSN cared for the puppy while he recovered. Peanut was eventually adopted by a forever family.

Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Wendy has been writing about pets for 10 years. The author of 10 books, Wendy shares her hobby farm home in Oregon with her husband and a diverse group of rescued animals, including two cats, a hound mix, a Chihuahua and a menagerie of barnyard critters.


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