Super Bowl Commercial Promotes Spaying and Neutering

Sam Nicholson creates a game day ad to help raise awareness.

One of the best ways to reduce the number of cats and dogs who are euthanized each year is spaying and neutering. Animal overpopulation is a huge issue and I doubt anyone really thinks that euthanasia is the best solution (I’m guessing most of us don’t think it should be an option at all).

So how does the message that spaying and neutering pets and strays will help overpopulation get out there? The Lucy Pet Foundation has decided to make a Super Bowl commercial. And they’ve enlisted Sam Nicholson’s help.

If you don’t immediately recognize Sam Nicholson’s name, he’s a visual effects master whose résumé includes “The Walking Dead,” “24,” “Heroes” and “CSI.” He’s leaving the blood and gore behind for this project and using his talents to make a commercial that “has personally affected him” more than anything else he’s done, according to Los Angeles Daily News.

“I promised my best people because it was close to my heart,” Nicholson, who owns Stargate Studios, told the Daily News. “I believe in the cause.”

In the commercial, dogs and cats face off in a football game – they’re even wearing helmets and jerseys. The stadium is full of other dogs and cats (also in costume) cheering their teams on. Suddenly, the pets start disappearing and a voice says, “Over 80,000 dogs and cats are euthanized every week. You can help stop this.”

The idea for the commercial came from Lucy Pet Foundation founder Joey Herrick as part of the organization’s campaign to raise spay and neuter awareness. The idea is that if fewer unwanted cats and dogs come into the world, fewer will be euthanized. Part of that campaign will include spay-and-neuter vans that will travel wherever cat and dog overpopulation is an issue.

The spot, which Nicholson accomplished with “over 80,000 photographic images, 1,000 computers and 25,000 man hours,” would have cost around $1 million. However, Nicholson donated almost 90 percent of that to the cause.

The spot will air on The Hallmark Channel during the Kitten Bowl on Feb. 1. Visit the Lucy Pet Foundation website for more information and for a chance to win an iPad Mini (contest ends Feb. 1).

Cari Jorgensen

Cari is a former dancer and current dance enthusiast who incorporates all forms of art into her daily life, which includes writing about dogs, cats, and other animals for I-5 Publishing as an assistant web editor. She has an MFA degree in creative writing and has written short stories, poetry, and two novels, which are patiently awaiting revision. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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