A Hairless, Spunky Puppy Gets a New Life and a New Name

Ditto the German Shepherd overcame skin infections and kennel cough before becoming Miah in her new home.

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They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Nothing could be more true for a little German Shepherd puppy thrown away in Sacramento.

Ditto was one of three tiny, sick German Shepherd Dog puppies found abandoned and turned in to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento. The extremely underweight pups were determined to be approximately 8 weeks old. Because the puppies were so young and had extensive medical issues, the shelter called on German Shepherd Rescue of Northern CA, which had more resources to foster them and provide care. The rescue group sought medical treatment for the pups and sent them off to separate foster homes where they could receive one-on-one attention as they recovered.

Ditto was not in great shape when she came to her new foster mom Eileen Peebles, but her spirits were up. “She was hairless but spunky,” Eileen said. “After each meal, I would have to wrap her in a blanket or my robe because she would start to shivering as all of her energy went to digesting her food.”

All three puppies found abandoned (Ditto is in the middle), were eventually adopted. (Photos courtesy Eileen Peebles)

Ditto was treated for kennel cough, as well as urinary-tract and skin infections. Over time and with plenty of tender loving care from Eileen, she grew stronger, put on weight, and eventually started growing a beautiful, shiny coat.

As she slowly transformed on the outside, Ditto’s bright, confident, outgoing personality began to shine. The young puppy loved playing with squeaky toys and balls, and took to potty training and crate training like a pro. She even learned to walk nicely on a leash, all thanks to Eileen’s tireless tutelage.

“She loved being part of a pack with my two dogs who are alums of the same rescue organization,” Eileen said. “In particular, she loved my boy Echoe and spent many hours sleeping and playing right next to him.”

Now all that was left was for Ditto to be adopted. As luck would have it, Echoe was receiving physical rehab following some orthopedic surgeries, and the veterinarian became smitten with little Ditto. The vet, who knew a man named Jason Skaleske and also knew he was looking to adopt, was instrumental in encouraging him to meet and eventually adopt the sweet pup. (The other two puppies rescued with Ditto also got better and were adopted, too!)

The rest, as they say, is history. Jason has had many shepherds over the years and he said Miah—as he renamed her—is hands-down one of the best he’s ever known.

“She is one of those dogs who is just from day one so obedient, trust worthy and loyal,” Jason said. “Any time we go anywhere, she just stays right by my side. You honestly couldn’t ask for a better, more obedient dog than she is.”

Miah, top, and her doggie sister Safari. (Photo courtesy Jason Skaleske)

Miah not only found her human soul mate, but this lucky puppy now gets to play and snuggle with three doggie siblings (all rescue dogs): Safari, another shepherd, Sugar, a Husky, and Beau, a pit bull.

The German Shepherd was once thrown away like garbage. Now healed, happy and breathtakingly gorgeous, she has truly become another man’s treasure.
“Ever since I got her from the very first night she came and stayed with me she was my best friend and will always be my best friend,” Jason said. “I’m so blessed to have her.”

Jackie Brown

Jackie is a freelance writer specializing in the pet industry. She lives in Southern California with her husband, son, and adorable Miniature Poodle, Jäger, who is obsessed with fetch and killing all the toys. She is the former editor of Rescue Proud, Dog World, and Puppies 101. Follow her on Twitter or visit her website.


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