Abused Dog Honored as Hero Dog of the Year

The annual Hero Dog Awards honors a very special therapy dog and her owner, who have overcome hardship with love and forgiveness.

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The 4th annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards,will honor one remarkable dog for each of the eight categories: Military, Search and Rescue, Arson, Guide, Service, Therapy, Law Enforcement, and Emerging Hero Dog, a category that recognizes ordinary pets who have done extraordinary things.

This year’s finalists were selected among thousands by America in an online vote and were flown to Beverly Hills to attend and be honored at a red carpet, star-studded gala and award ceremony, taped before a live audience at the historic The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Amongst them is the top dog of the evening, Susie.

Susie, a pit bull mix, had been severely abused and set on fire. She was rescued by a woman who had been attacked by a dog years before and was able to overcome her fears for this special dog. Together they have trained as a therapy dog team, bringing comfort to children and adults in pain or distress and have worked to make changes in animal abuse laws.

Hosted by James Denton and Beth Stern, will premiere as a 2-hour special on Hallmark Channel on Oct 30. Part of the Hallmark Channel’s “Pet Project”, the awards celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives, spreads awareness of pet homelessness and promotes animal adoption.


Meet the other finalists and learn more about the Hero Dog Awards, visit HeroDogAwards.com

Samantha Meyers

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