Capture Your Pup’s Cuteness With an Original Sock Dog

Kansas City artist Stacey Hsu will create a sock dog that looks just like your pup. Bonus: A portion of proceeds goes to an animal-welfare group of your choosing.

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You’ve commissioned pet portraits and had custom silhouettes made of your dog, and your phone is filled with his daily photo shoots. Now, you can pay further tribute to your pooch’s adorable image by having a stuffed animal made to look just like him.

Kansas City artist Stacey Hsu crafts one-of-a-kind Original Sock Dogs using — what else? — socks, along with new and vintage buttons and other accessories. She made her first more than 10 years ago for a local shelter’s art auction and has been honing her handiwork ever since. Her Etsy shop lets pet parents customize their pup’s plush right down to the ID tag shape and inscription and send photos for some true-to-life attention to detail.

Hsu has two dogs herself and has fostered six dogs in recent months, so she knows how special these creatures are to the people who care for them. And she also realizes the impact that her work can have on the animal community. To do her part, Hsu donates $10 from the $110 price of each sock dog to Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption in Kansas. Of course, if you purchase a plush and want those funds to go to a rescue you support, just ask and Hsu is happy to oblige. She’ll even send you the donation receipt.

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Whitney C. Harris

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