Eco-Friendly Dog Apparel Is On Trend

Pet fashion these days is all about vegan accessories and upcycled clothing.

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Indulging in pet fashion has never felt so good thanks to the latest trend in the pet fashion world: environmentally friendly apparel and accessories.

A dirty little secret of the human fashion industry? Tons of waste fabric ends up in landfills each year. Annie Masarie, owner and designer of Little Bear Dog Apparel, said there’s no industry system in place making remnants available for re-use. Annie first noticed this issue while working as a pattern-maker in New York City. She worked to establish relationships with companies in the garment district so she can acquire leftover fabric. Little Bear Dog Apparel upcycles remnants of specialty fabrics, creating luxurious pet clothing and accessories while helping to reduce the overall waste of the fashion industry. The company’s fashion-forward, gender-neutral items include scarves, shawls, bathrobes, shirts, and overalls.

At first glance, you might think that the carriers, dog backpacks, and poop pick-up bag wristlets offered by The Underground Chic are made of leather. But, they are actually made of a material made from recycled plastic bottles with a “leather” print. Designer and founder Ann Greenberg is proud of not only creating vegan products, but contributing to the environment. For every item purchased, The Underground Chic plants a tree via Trees for the Future.

Going green doesn’t mean sacrificing the coolness factor. The doggy vests, coats, harnesses, and dresses offered by Boardwalk Doggies are equally edgy and eco-conscious. The brand uses premium and designer upcycled fabrics — mainly denims and corduroys with rocker fringe. Owner and designer Natasha Marosi repurposed her own jeans when she was younger, and now uses the same type of comfortable, worn fabrics to create something new for pets.

Going green while remaining fabulously fashionable is easier than ever. When looking for companies that create sustainable, green pet products, check out the About Us page on their website to learn their history, philosophy, and what they’re doing to support the environment.

Photo courtesy Little Bear Dog Apparel.


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