The Grey Muzzle Organization Helps Senior Dogs Find Their Way Home

This unique group helps senior pet rescue organizations with much-needed funding. 

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It’s no secret that most animal welfare organizations struggle to make ends meet. For those groups dedicated to helping homeless senior dogs, the financial burden can be especially challenging due to ongoing medical expenses. The Grey Muzzle Organization is a unique resource that provides funding for senior dog programs nationwide.

“We are not a rescue group but a grantor,” says Jennifer Kachnic, president of the Grey Muzzle Organization in Raleigh, N.C. “We don’t have an endowment. All of our money is raised through public donations. We give out grants twice a year (June and December), which enables us to have a bigger impact in supporting the groups that help senior dogs.”

The grants issued by the Grey Muzzle Organization fund a variety of programs, including basic medical care, hospice and foster care, seniors for seniors programs, senior therapy dog programs and community programs to keep dogs with their owners. Since its founding in 2008, the all-volunteer organization has granted $425,000 to 60 nonprofit animal shelters, rescues and sanctuaries in 33 states.

The Grey Muzzle Organization also maintains a separate fund that supplies senior orthopedic beds and pads to shelters and rescue groups. Sleeping on a cement floor can be painful, especially for older dogs suffering from joint problems.  “If a dog has trouble getting up from a hard surface, he becomes less appealing to a potential adopter,” Kachnic says. “We believe when seniors are comfortable, they show better.” The bed fund has disbursed $30,000 in orthopedic bed donations to more than 100 organizations across the country.

Meredith Wargo

Meredith Wargo is an award-winning freelance writer in Houston. 


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