HomeLife Brands Announces Acquisition of PetVet.Ai in its Quest to Revolutionize the Global Pet Care Industry

HomeLife Brands (www.HomeLifeMedia.com), the parent company of successful websites such as iHeartDogs.com, iHeartCats.com, Cannanine.com, and TheHeroCompany.com, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of PetVet.Ai. Although the transaction details remain undisclosed, this merger heralds a revolutionary step in the global pet care industry.

The pet market is a booming industry, with over 470 million dogs and 370 million cats owned worldwide. In the United States alone, there are approximately 90 million dogs and 94 million cats, making it a substantial market for pet care solutions.

In recent times, we’ve seen a significant influx of AI solutions across various industries. PetVet.Ai, with its pioneering work in utilizing AI for pet care, is a welcome addition to the HomeLife family. This acquisition is a strategic move that aims to create a global hub for pet owners seeking cutting-edge, AI-driven pet solutions.

“Access to information fast and free is key to being a great caretaker to a pet,” says Marshall Morris, a representative of HomeLife Brands. “We see the opportunity to increase pet care and consumer education faster than ever before in history and at virtually no cost to the pet parent. It is a no-brainer for us and aligns with the brands we have built.”

HomeLife Brands plans to incorporate PetVet.Ai into its consumer channels, including mobile apps, web, Alexa, OTT, and more, providing free access to all. The company is also committed to extending its services to all shelters and rescues in the USA by the end of 2024, creating a nationwide network of on-demand pet care support.

HomeLife Brands emphasizes that its goal is not to replace the quality care that veterinarians provide. Instead, the integration of PetVet.Ai will empower pet owners to act more quickly and make more informed decisions when it comes to providing care with their chosen vet.

HomeLife Brands continues to innovate, and with the acquisition of PetVet.Ai, the company takes a significant leap toward a future where every pet parent has access to the best possible resources to care for their furry companions. 

Aidan Cramer founder of PetVet.Ai will join the team in the newly minted “Ai R&D Division”. “I’m excited to join the team and looking forward to scaling this opportunity with the massive pet network HomeLife Media has built. – Aidan Cramer”

About HomeLife Brands:

HomeLife Brands is a leading digital media company focused on pet care and pet products. With successful brands like iHeartDogs.com, iHeartCats.com, Cannanine.com, and TheHeroCompany.com, HomeLife aims to revolutionize pet care by providing the latest, most advanced solutions to pet owners worldwide.

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press (at) homelifemedia.com


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