Keep Your Cat’s Food Fresh With a Bowl That Seals Itself

The SureFeed pet bowl opens and closes as your cat comes and goes, keeping food fresh and bugs out.

Feeding your cat isn’t always so straightforward. Sometimes he gobbles up his food in one sitting. Other times he eats a little bit here and there throughout the day. Since you don’t  know when hunger will strike your kitty, it’s impossible to keep his chow fresh once you’ve put it out. Unless you’re dishing into the SureFeed sealed pet bowl.

The state-of-the-art vessel has a motion-activated lid that opens when your pet approaches and closes when he’s finished for the time being. It seals perfectly to keep wet or dry food fresh, keep smells in and bugs out, and effectively reduces pet food waste — good for your cat and the environment.

The modern bowl comes in four lovely colors — blue, green, gray, and pink — and costs $69.99 at It’s an investment, but one that probably pays for itself once you realize how much less food goes into the trashcan. Plus, the sleek design looks perfectly clean and unobtrusive in any busy kitchen.

To further help the animal community, SureFlap works with various UK organizations, including PDSA, Cats Protection, and International Cat Care. The company partners with charities to sell discounted products that donate a portion of proceeds back to the charity.

Whitney C. Harris

Whitney is a New York-based writer for websites including Dogster,, and A former book and magazine editor, she enjoys running (with her dog, Finley), watching movies (also with Finley), and cooking meatless meals (usually with Finley watching close by). She and her husband (and Finley, too) welcomed a baby girl named Rowan in August.


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