KYON Pet Tracker Offers New Safety Features

Heat and water alarms are just two of the ways this pet tracker stands out.

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If you think you’ve heard about every fancy pet tracker to hit the market, take a look at the fully backed Kickstarter page for KYON. While this one does all the same tricks as most others out there — GPS tracking, activity monitoring, and keeping helpful reminders — it goes above and beyond with high-tech sensors that can pinpoint your pooch or kitty’s location down to the specific floor of a building; a safe, ultrasound feature that interrupts aggression to help avoid doggy confrontations; and — perhaps best of all — heat and water alarms for if your pet is in danger.

Phone notifications immediately let you know if your animal is at risk of drowning or heat exhaustion, and an LED display directly on the collar speaks for your pup or cat, flashing “I’m hot.” The KYON will also read “I’m lost, please call (YOUR PHONE NUMBER)” if your pet goes beyond a predetermined safe range around the device’s base station.

What’s also cool about this wearable technology is that it’s the collar itself and not a clunky add-on. The sleek design may be thanks to KYON’s co-founder Leon, whose intense travel schedule meant he wanted a better way of keeping tabs on his 9-year-old Maltese named Charlie.

The Kickstarter campaign has another couple of days to go, so there’s still time to reserve a collar at a discounted price. Once it hits the market, KYON will cost $249, plus $4.99 per month for the network service fee. And KYON has already reached its funding goal so we can count on seeing it around August.

Whitney C. Harris

Whitney is a New York-based writer for websites including Dogster,, and A former book and magazine editor, she enjoys running (with her dog, Finley), watching movies (also with Finley), and cooking meatless meals (usually with Finley watching close by). She and her husband (and Finley, too) welcomed a baby girl named Rowan in August.


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