Miley Cyrus Convinces Liam Hemsworth to Adopt a Rescue Puppy

Miley heard that her ex was on the lookout for some canine companionship, and she knew just the dog — an oversized rescue puppy. Way to go, Miley and Liam!

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Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ romantic relationship may have gone off the rails, but the high-profile actor and superstar singer remain good friends and recently teamed up for a pup-adoption project.

Flush from success with his role in the Hunger Games movies, word got out that Liam was on the lookout for some canine companionship. Enter Miley, who bombarded her ex with photos of a truly gigantic 6-month-old puppy who had found his way to the Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center & Rescue in Los Angeles.

With Liam becoming instantly smitten with the pup, he made a pit stop to pick her up as soon as he jetted back from a work commitment in China. Named Dora the Explorer, this goofy-looking oversized pooch has now settled into her lavish forever home with her new sister, Tani, another rescue pup.

New “gigantic” rescue pup! Dora the Explorer. #rescuedog!

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“Thanks Miley Cyrus for loving dogs as much as we do!” commented Wylder’s Rescue on Instagram when staff heard the happy news.

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