Make This Puppy Lucky: Willow the Spanish Ibizan Hound

Willow is already on her way to a much better life. Will your home be her last stop?

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Rescued from Spain, Willow is a shy, sensitive soul who has been waiting patiently for a loving forever home she can depend on. Won’t you let this sweet girl be the apple of your eye?

Name: Willow.

Age and sex: 3-year-old female.

Breed: Podenco Ibicenco (Spanish Ibizan Hound).

Size and weight: Medium and 45 pounds.

Coat: Short, white and orange.

Location: Hound Sanctuary.

Activity level: Moderate.

Likes: Food, toys, calm people and dogs, her cot, blanket and coat, quiet time, and lounging on the couch.

Dislikes: Aggressive or dominant dogs, unpredictable people and situations, being left alone for too long, and feeling like another dog might take her food.

Training: Willow is housetrained, respects baby gates, has good house manners, and understands basic commands including leave it, sit, and down.

Willow is a gentle lady longing for a special home that will help build her confidence and treat her like the princess she is! Photos courtesy of
Willow is a gentle lady longing for a special home that will help build her confidence and treat her like the princess she is! (Photos courtesy of

Yard requirements: Willow requires an enclosed yard with high, secure fencing, as her breed can jump a five-foot fence with ease.

Kids: She would do best in a stable, adult-only home.

Dogs and cats: Gets along with all dogs but prefers those that are quiet, confident, and non-challenging. Does not do well with cats.

Health issues: None.

Her story: Willow was rescued from Spain, where she was likely used as a hunting dog and then abandoned. After she was found by a Spanish rescue organization, she was adopted into a home in the eastern U.S. When it was discovered that her adopter lacked the skills and patience needed to care for and socialize her, Willow was returned to Hound Sanctuary.

Her ideal forever home: Willow needs a skilled, calm, and loving home with a sighthound-savvy single person or couple able to be there for her physically and emotionally. She would do best with active people willing to take her on regular walks, play with her in the yard, and run around with her; and she would love a calm and submissive canine sibling. Willow would be devastated by another loss, so her perfect forever home must be just that — a forever home.

Other details prospective adopters should know: Hound Sanctuary’s policy is to only place dogs in regions they or one of their key volunteers can reach in a day’s drive. Willow is currently being fostered in Michigan, however Hound Sanctuary and the majority of their volunteers are located along the west coast.

Contact info: Email Rain Jordan at [email protected] or visit

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