Make This Puppy Lucky: Yuma the Bull Terrier and Boxer Mix

This smart, confident girl has been waiting six years for a home. Might it be yours?

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Looking for a smart, beautiful girl who’s always in a good mood? Then meet Yuma, a happy, outgoing pup who always has a smile on her face and a wag in her tail. Although she’s been living at the Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, for six years, she hasn’t lost faith that her perfect family is out there looking for her.

Name: Yuma

Age and sex: 7-year-old female.

Breed: Bull Terrier and Boxer mix.

Weight and size: Large and 55 pounds.

Coat: Short and white with a brindle eye patch.

Location: Best Friends Animal Society.

Activity level: High.

Likes: Soft toys, crates, soft beds, hikes, car rides, people, cuddling, and learning new things.

Dislikes: Other animals.

Training: Yuma knows sit, down, and place, has learned to wait politely for food and at doors, and has mastered LAT (Look at That) work, which has greatly improved her reactivity around other dogs.

Yuma is a smart, confident girl with an unbeatable zest for life. Won’t you be her partner in crime? (Photos courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society)

Yard requirements: Yuma is an active girl and requires a fenced-in yard.

Kids: Although she hasn’t recently been tested with children, her original owners had kids in their home.

Dogs and cats: Not good with either.

Health issues: Yuma has some allergies for which she receives shots once a week. She also has some urinary incontinence, which is completely controlled with medication.

Her story: Yuma was surrendered to a shelter because her family was moving in with their parents, and the children living there were allergic to her.

Her ideal forever home: Yuma would thrive in a home with a moderately active family who will spend as much time as possible with her, play with her in the yard, and take her on hikes and walks.

Other details prospective adopters should know: Yuma is a wonderful dog who has been waiting for a forever home since 2010. She does great on sleepovers with volunteers and likes to sleep under the covers with them. She also loves to spoon her caregivers on her bed.

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Lisa Plummer Savas

A devoted dog mom, journalist, and animal activist, Lisa uses her writing to spread awareness about animal welfare and cruelty issues. She lives in Atlanta with two spoiled German Shepherds, one entitled Pug, and a very understanding husband. Read more of her work at her blog and website, and follow her on Twitter.


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