Meet Marshall the Miracle Dog

One amazing rescue dog is spreading the important message of kindness. 

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Marshall was found in bad shape in 2010 while being filmed by Animal Planet’s Confessions: Animal Hoarding.

Watch the short documentary on Marshall and Willenbrock:

More than 60 dogs were found living on the grounds of an abandoned property, but Marshall was in the worst shape of all. He had been attacked by the other dogs and suffered from bite marks, a broken front leg, and a large open wound on his face. Rescued by The Humane Society of Missouri, Marshall underwent surgery where he  died on the operating table, but his life was saved by his amazing veterinarian Dr. Schwartz. After a few months of well needed healing Marshall was ready to be adopted.

Inspired by Marshall’s amazing story, his new owner, Cyndi Willenbrock was inspired to write a children’s book. The book, titled Marshall the Miracle Dog (The Marshall Movement, $16.95), aims to teach kids about bullying and abuse and encourage kids to be kind to eachother and animals. Now trained as a therapy dog, Marshall visits children in schools and programs across the country to spread this message of kindness.

Marshall’s incredible story will now be made into a movie. The movie tells the story of a struggling little boy, Finn, connecting with Marshall in a series of unpredictable events that may leave some audience members in tears. Marshall’s heroic tale highlights his perseverance to stay strong through difficult circumstances, and serves as inspiration for those suffering from abuse.

The cast includes: Lucas Carrol (Finn), Shannon Elizabeth (Cynthia/Finn’s mother), Lauren Holly (Susan/animal hoarder), and Sinbad (Coach Penner), among many other cast members.

For more information on the production of the movie and the children’s book, Marshall the Miracle Dog, head over to

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