Rescue Dog Loves His Much-Deserved Bath

A rescue dog takes a much-needed therapy bath and loves it.

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We all know the struggles rescue dogs face before they’re rescued. The suffer abuse, hunger and abandonment. Some don’t survive, some do. And some come back from the brinks of death. Rudy is one such dog.

In a Facebook post by Special Needs Animal Rescue Rehabilitation (SNARR) Northeast chapter, it was revealed that Rudy was found in November, dumped in a plastic bucket in NYC, near death.

“S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast was called by the city shelter and asked to help Rudy as he was in critical condition. Rudy was severely emaciated, unable to walk, and covered in deep gaping wounds and holes. Literally holes on his entire body; some all the way down to his tendons and bones. We still do not know what caused them; could have been acid of some sort or cigarette burns. We will never know and quite frankly the thoughts are haunting. Rudy was missing almost all of his fur and what was left, was all dead at the root and fell out at his first bath. Rudy had a horrible fracture in his front leg, a tear in his bladder and what we came to find out was untreated Cushings disease. It is a miracle this broken boy survived.”

A miracle indeed.

After going through what could only have been a harrowing experience, Rudy is now healing in a foster home. His foster humans are veterinarians and he’s made friends with a foster lamb. But the best part of his day is his therapy bath.

Rudy relaxes in a lavender- and herb-filled bath designed to help his skin. He’s hand fed treats while he soaks. And he eventually falls asleep. Watch the adorable video of Rudy’s bath time here:

Rudy is not yet strong enough for surgery on his leg, but once he does have it, could need a wheelchair depending on how he heals, Huffington Post reports. He’ll also need medical treatment for the rest of his life. He will eventually be ready for adoption.

In the meantime, he sure does love those baths and the kind attention he receives.

“Rudy’s eyes are filled with love and hope and he has a way of grabbing your heart instantly when he looks at you. He has always appreciated being doted on and still does today, as you saw with his spa treatments,” Bellew said, according to Huffington Post. “I’m just so glad we are able to show him a good life.”

For more information on Rudy and other rescue dogs like him, visit the SNARR Facebook page.

Cari Jorgensen

Cari is a former dancer and current dance enthusiast who incorporates all forms of art into her daily life, which includes writing about dogs, cats, and other animals for I-5 Publishing as an assistant web editor. She has an MFA degree in creative writing and has written short stories, poetry, and two novels, which are patiently awaiting revision. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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