“Dirty Dawgy” Natural Salve Keeps Your Pup’s Paws Soft and Safe

The pad protector from Spinster Sisters features all-natural, low-allergen ingredients, making it perfect for dogs with sensitive paws.

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Walking your dog in the pure white wilderness that is winter can be a magical experience. But your pup’s paws may have a different opinion on the matter. To keep those hard-working mitts in tip-top shape, try Spinster Sisters’ “Dirty Dawgy” pad protector, packed with shea and cocoa butters, beeswax, and sweet almond, coconut, and other essential oils. And nothing else!

The company produces its cleansers and bath and body products (check out its goods for humans, too!) using all-natural ingredients, many of which are locally sourced in Denver, Colorado. And everything is made in small batches.

Pad protector can help your dog fight off salt and other road chemicals, rough terrain, and even hot pavement (within reason, of course).

Wipe a thin coat of pad protector on the sweet spots of your dog’s paws, elbows, and between his toes whenever they need a little soothing. The balm will act as a breathable barrier to shield, soften, and moisturize those particularly rough areas. A quick-absorbing, nontoxic salve, “Dirty Dawgy” was specially made to have a very low allergen potential.

Beyond frosty winter temps, the pad protector can also help your dog defend herself against salt and other road chemicals, rough terrain, and even hot pavement (within reason, of course). Seems like a worthy stocking stuffer. A 2.1-ounce tube costs $14.

Shop at spinstersistersco.

Top photo: Dog paw by Shutterstock.

Whitney C. Harris

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