The Stylish Wistiki Tracker Keeps Tabs on Your Dog

This Bluetooth tracker can help find your dog wherever she may roam.

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Losing your keys is stressful. Losing your dog is a whole other level of despair. But the same technology that can help you locate your everyday items can also track down your best friend if she goes missing. It’s called Wistiki, and it’s a recent innovation from a French design team that includes Philippe Starck.

Like so many other creative inventions launched nowadays, Wistiki is in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for its high-tech tracking jewels and free app. It’s already well surpassed its goal of $100,000, and there are still a few days left for fundraising.

Here’s how it works: Attach a Wistiki Bluetooth-enabled jewel to Fido’s collar to keep tabs on his whereabouts. You can simply make it ring if he’s playing a particularly skilled game of hide and seek around the house, or, if you suspect he isn’t within earshot, you can use your smartphone in an effort to find him. The app takes note of the last time you were close to the jewel using GPS coordinates.


That, combined with “crowd GPS” — which means that anyone with the Wistiki smartphone app can update the data on any lost jewels they come across — can provide you with two important clues to Fido’s current location. What’s more, there’s a virtual leash that alerts you if the jewel moves too far away from your phone. So if you accidentally left the fence gate open and Fido makes a run for it, you’ll be given a head’s up.

The device is waterproof, comes in four cool colors (blue, orange, pink, and yellow), and can be used anywhere around the world. In addition to helping you stay close to your pet, Wistiki plans to donate 25 percent of net profits from March 2015 to March 2016 to international children’s organizations.

Wistiki devices will be delivered March through December of 2016. Pre-order online now for $29 or grab one at retail for $50 in the new year.

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Whitney C. Harris

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