Watch Two Rescued Wildcats Become Besties

Different species of wildcats don’t usually get along, but Morgan the bobcat and Shalico the Canadian Lynx defy tradition.

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We’re always happily surprised when dogs and cats become each other’s companions. Cross-species love is totally adorable. Add an uplifting rescue story to the mix, and our hearts pretty much explode. That’s the winning recipe in this heartwarming video from HooplaHa (a good news site full of inspiring stories and videos), about two wildcats who form an unlikely friendship.

In just two and a-half minutes, the clip tells us about a pair of animals whose lives were saved when The Wildcat Sanctuary in the Minnesota woods agreed to take them in. The first is a young Bobcat who was discovered at a Ritz Carlton in California — like something out of the bad-decision-laden movie “The Hangover.” The cat is less than a year old and clearly had no business hanging out in the hotel, where someone likely dumped her after illegally crossing the border. Thankfully, actress Morgan Fairchild stepped in and helped the cat find her way to the sanctuary. Today, the Bobcat goes by the name Morgan.

Also at The Wildcat Sanctuary is a Canadian Lynx named Shalico, who was kept as a pet until her owner — a college student who had purchased her off the Internet — realized he was in no position to care for such a creature. Shalico became fast friends with Morgan as soon as they were introduced by the sanctuary workers. The affinity that Morgan and Shalico have for one another is nothing short of surprising given that cats of different species don’t tend to get along.

Founded in 1999, the sanctuary has residents who experienced abuse and neglect, and others served as entertainment animals. Still others, like Shalico, were purchased by unsuitable buyers who didn’t have the means to care for these creatures. But it’s safe to say that these two kitties will enjoy a long friendship at the sanctuary because the animals are given a home for the rest of their lives.

Top photo: Canadian Lynx by Shutterstock.

Whitney C. Harris

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