Wine Barrels Upcycle Into Stylish Pet Beds

Bourbon & Boots turns Napa wine barrels into gorgeous sleeping spots for dogs and cats.

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Pet lovers who relish their wine will love the concept behind Bourbon & Boots‘ gorgeous and rustic reclaimed Napa wine-barrel pet beds. The aesthetics of these substantial beds are enough to win over dogs, cats, and pet parents, but the upcycled origins add incentive for investing in a place to rest that will, like a fine wine, stand the test of time.

With all the markings and character of its original purpose as a wine vessel, the curved barrel bed for dogs and walled bed for cats are handmade to feature a rich red hue. They are incredibly sturdy thanks to multiple sealer coats and are cut, sanded, and screwed together as part of its solid, dependable construction. The wood base comes with a removable inner bed that’s made out of machine washable 100-percent fleece with poly filling – perfect for doggies and kitties who like to curl up for a snooze.


At $195 for the dog bed and $119 for the cat version, these are a serious purchase, but it should probably be the last pet bed you need to buy given its impeccable craftsmanship. Consider it a well-deserved gift to your loyal friend and a sophisticated homespun touch to your living room décor.

Whitney C. Harris

Whitney is a New York-based writer for websites including Dogster,, and A former book and magazine editor, she enjoys running (with her dog, Finley), watching movies (also with Finley), and cooking meatless meals (usually with Finley watching close by). She and her husband (and Finley, too) welcomed a baby girl named Rowan in August.


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