Amy Poehler Lends Her Voice to the “Heavy Petting” Adoption Series

The Smart Girls founder joins the series on her website, giving personality to Tahini, a mixed-breed, food-obsessed pup in search of a home.

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Who else could bring just the right dose of humor to pet adoption, other than Amy Poehler? The former SNL and Parks and Recreation star is one of the funniest people in Hollywood. And she’s lending her creative wit to the do-good web series “Heavy Petting.”

Made in partnership with the ASPCA and available on Poehler’s Smart Girls website, the series regularly releases episodes as a means of introducing sweet and super-adoptable pups to the public. They’re quick, one-minute videos reminiscent of online dating profiles, and they feature a special canine as voiced by a comic celeb, such as Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari. In the most recent episode, a 10-month-old mixed breed named Tahini gets a saucy personality thanks to Poehler herself.

As Tahini, Poehler points out how she’s a “a big city puppy with big ears and a big appetite.” And instead of calling herself a mixed breed, she actually prefers the term “fusion” dog. Note the food obsession? She truly has a (self-proclaimed) “great sense of humor,” so if you’re looking to “spice things up” around your house, then give some thought to welcoming this black-and-white furry friend into your family.

In addition to urging visitors to adopt or foster a dog, the secondary goal is to get people to volunteer at shelters and with animal welfare organizations. In fact, the Smart Girls motto is “Change the world by being yourself.” And this partnership with the ASPCA — the country’s very first animal welfare organization, founded in 1866 — is a big part of the type of service work that Smart Girls hopes to inspire.

What can you do? At the very least, set aside 60 seconds, prepare to swoon, and watch Tahini’s video. Then consider the wonderful adoption opportunities the series presents and tell everyone you know about them, too.

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Whitney C. Harris

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