Shelter Dog’s Day of Hope Turns Into a Dream Come True

A touching video from Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue follows a hopeful dog from the shelter to his forever home.

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Each day, shelter dogs across the country greet the morning with hope. Today could be the day that they find their new family! As each smiling face appears and then passes by, that hope begins to fade away with the light of day, and nighttime turns it into loneliness and disappointment. Road Warrior Australian Cattle Dog Rescue in Greensboro, North Carolina, hopes to reduce the number of such sad evenings with its new video.

“Turn a Day of Hope Into a Dream Come True,” featuring the hit Don Henley song “Last Worthless Evening,” shows the hope then disappointment of one Australian Cattle Dog after another adoption day comes and goes without him finding a new home. Although the dog doesn’t know it, that night will be his “last worthless evening,” because one of his visitors will return the next day to adopt him.

The man had been hesitant to adopt because he was clearly still grieving his former dog, but by the end it’s clear that the shelter dog rescued him as much as he rescued the dog!

Road Warrior also works to keep dogs out of shelters by offering free spay/neuter programs and preventative care for heartworms, rabies, and parvovirus. Learn more about the organization on its website.

Meghan Lodge

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