Beagle Freedom Project Rescues 10 Lab Dogs in Seoul

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Beagles who spent their lives in cramped laboratory cages are given the chance at a better life.

In February 2015, Beagles Freedom Project teamed with partners in Seoul, South Korea to rescue 10 dogs from a laboratory. Several weeks were spent overseas not only getting the dogs out of the lab, but also in searching for local forever homes for the five canines, the Beagles Freedom Project website states.

Five of the Beagles were successfully found homes in Seoul. The other five, however, needing special care, did not. This minor setback did not deter the organization. Staff made the necessary arrangements to fly the five dogs back to the United States and have them checked by a veterinarian. Welcomed by celebrities such as Whitney Cummings and Maria Menounos, these 6-year-old male dogs were released from their crates and felt grass, as well as a friendly touch, for the first time. As each dog’s crate was opened, they ventured out into their newfound freedom. One dog, however, was a little too scared, too traumatized to leave his crate. “He kept to himself inside his crate and only would venture out when no one was looking,” the Beagles Freedom Project website states.

All five are in foster care and are in need of loving forever homes. To learn more about these Beagles, visit the Beagles Freedom Project website.

Watch their rescue here:

Photo Credit: Image via the Beagle Freedom Project

Cari Jorgensen

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