Hotel Offers Guests Rescue Dogs

Rescue dogs are housed at a North Carolina hotel in hopes of finding a forever home.

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When a rescue worker sat down next to a hotel employee on a flight, she probably had no idea the dogs at her shelter would end up at the hotel. Six months ago, the two began conversing on the plane. The rescue worker commented that there were lots of great dogs but just not enough people visiting the shelter and taking them home. The Aloft employee told her that the Asheville hotel welcomed dogs; perhaps a rescue dog looking for a forever home was welcome there too, according to NBC News.

It turned out that the hotel would welcome rescue dogs, and houses one for a week at a time. Currently, Annabelle is the cuddly canine charming her way into guests’ hearts. Annabelle hails from an Asheville rescue called Charlie’s Angels.

So far the project has been successful, with 20 dogs finding new homes after guests found them too cute to resist. With that kind of success, it won’t be long before Annabelle is in a new home too.

“Some dogs last an hour and a half. Some dogs last a little longer and it’s just amazing,” Kim Smith from Charlie’s Angels rescue told NBC News.

When guests check in, they are greeted by the lobby’s resident rescue dog. If they feel a connection with the dog, they get to take him or her home … after completing the application process and going through a waiting period to ensure that the guest and dog are a good match.

This is a great way to give exposure to shelter dogs and find them forever homes.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve seen a pop-up rescue shelter? Let us know in the comments.

Cari Jorgensen

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