We Remember Joan Rivers, Dog Rescue Advocate

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As we mourn the passing of Joan Rivers, we look back on her love of dogs and support of rescue efforts. 

The world lost a pet rescue advocate today when Joan Rivers passed away at the age of 81 from complications arising from a recent routine surgery.

She’d adopted dogs for decades and spoke out about how incredible they could be. She told The Daily Mail in 2008: “Always get a rescue dog. They’re so grateful you’ve saved them.”

One of her last interviews was with Steve Dale, Chicago Tribune pet columnist and radio host, in April of this year. She talked about losing her 12-year-old Pekinese mix, Max.

“With the joy of a dog, the joy of a pet, you have to factor in the loss at the other end,” Rivers said in the interview.  She said the loss will always be there but you “fill the void” by taking in another dog, and saving another life.

Her comments on the passing of her dog resonate strongly, especially today.

“I hope wherever our souls go, their souls go, because I want to meet them at the other end.” When Dale asked her why, she answered: “Because they’re my closest friends.”

Dogs were always rescues in Joan Rivers’ house. She said every dog she adopted was lucky, and that she was lucky to have them. Truly, Rivers supported rescue pets throughout her life and treated them well.

Her most recently adopted pet was a Japanese Chin named Keegan. Keegan joined Samantha the Havanese in Rivers’ home last spring.

Toward the end of the interview, Dale brought up a quote about dogs from Rivers: “Dogs are easier to love than people.”

“Yes, they’re loyal and once they love you that’s it,” Rivers explained. “What could be nicer than to have them for companionship?”


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