Lucky Puppy of the Week: Freckles the Queensland Blue Heeler Mix

Saved from a lonely life as a breeder dog, Freckles now mixes and mingles through therapy work.

When Marilyn Fisher heard about Freckles, a 4-year-old Heeler mix in need of a forever home, she wasn’t sure she was ready to take on another dog. After all, she’d just lost Happy, her beloved Border Collie who she’d had for his entire life. But ready or not, sometimes destiny has a way of intervening, in this case inspiring Marilyn to open her heart to a dog in need. Here’s how sweet Freckles landed the home — and forever mommy — of her dreams!

“I had recently put Happy, my 15-year-old Border Collie, to sleep when my employer told me about Freckles, a dog she had rescued two years prior from a rural area farm where she had been kept tied up and used for breeding. Freckles had no manners whatsoever, but my employer’s father had worked with her and taught her some basic commands. My boss knew I was still mourning Happy, so she offered to give Freckles to me.

Two years later, Freckles is the most loving, sweetest 6-year-old Heeler mix. She earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certification last year and is a certified therapy dog with the Furry Friends Therapy Dog Organization in Coos County, Oregon. She loves going to “work” as soon as I put her vest on her. She loves the patients at the hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, and going to the library to let the children to read to her. She also enjoys going to elementary schools to help with demonstrations about how to properly care for dogs, including the do’s and don’ts of responsible dog ownership, and how to behave around strange dogs.

Her two most favorite things are to lie in my lap like a baby while I rock her and rub her tummy, and the other is to herd one of our three cats. My favorite thing about Freckles is her loving personality. She is such a great friend to me.”

Not only did Freckles find an amazing home, she also scored the perfect job! Thank you, Marilyn, for putting so much time, love and effort into helping Freckles blossom and find her true calling in life — you inspire us all!

Lisa Plummer Savas

A devoted dog mom, journalist, and animal activist, Lisa uses her writing to spread awareness about animal welfare and cruelty issues. She lives in Atlanta with two spoiled German Shepherds, one entitled Pug, and a very understanding husband. Read more of her work at her blog and website, and follow her on Twitter.


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