Make This Puppy Lucky: Danielle the Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Are you looking for an active BFF? One who also enjoys a good snuggle? Meet Danielle.

Someone give this girl a job! Meet Danielle, a bundle of energy in an adorable package who will undoubtedly become the life of the party in her new forever home. Although she’s a spunky girl-on-the-go who loves to stay busy, that doesn’t mean she isn’t down for kicking back and enjoying a good snuggle session with her favorite humans.

Name: Danielle.

Age and sex: 2-year-old female.

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog mix.

Size and weight: Medium and 28 pounds.

Coat: Short, black and white.

Location: San Francisco SPCA.

Activity level: Energetic.

Likes: Running, hiking, swimming, playing outdoors, meeting new people, treats, and learning new tricks.

Dislikes: Danielle can be very selective about her doggie friends.

Training: Knows some basic training commands and would love to learn more advanced tricks. Reward-based training classes would be an excellent way to bond with her new family and keep her entertained.

Danielle is a sweetheart of a girl with lots of love to share. Won’t you be the one to give her a second chance at a wonderful life? Photos courtesy of San Francisco SPCA.
Danielle is a sweetheart of a girl with lots of love to share. Won’t you be the one to give her a second chance at a wonderful life? (Photos courtesy of San Francisco SPCA)

Yard requirements: A backyard to play in would be optimal but not required as long as she gets plenty of exercise.

Kids: Because Danielle is so energetic, she’d do best in an adults-only home or in one with older children.

Dogs and cats: Danielle gets along well with some dogs but hasn’t had a chance to interact with cats.

Health issues: None.

Her story: Danielle was transferred to SF SPCA from a nearby shelter. Her background is unknown.

Her ideal forever home: She would do best in a very active, loving home that can help her stay busy mentally and physically. Since she can be picky about other dogs, Danielle should be introduced to any prospective doggie siblings at the shelter to ensure a good match.

Any other details prospective adopters should know about this dog? Danielle has been at the San Francisco SPCA since August, which is a long time for such a wonderful dog to be in a shelter!

Contact info: Call 415-522-3500 or email [email protected].

Lisa Plummer Savas

A devoted dog mom, journalist, and animal activist, Lisa uses her writing to spread awareness about animal welfare and cruelty issues. She lives in Atlanta with two spoiled German Shepherds, one entitled Pug, and a very understanding husband. Read more of her work at her blog and website, and follow her on Twitter.


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