Actor Dave Coulier Finds a New Furry Best Friend

Well, now it’s truly a Full House!

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Actor and comedian Dave Coulier, best known for his role as the lovable Joey Gladstone on ABC’s 1990s sitcom Full House, met 8-year-old Shorty during a Best Friends Animal Society adoption event in Salt Lake City in May 2013. The two hit it off, but Coulier wasn’t sure the pit bull/Bassett Hound mix would get along with his 14-year-old Lab named Ranger. He decided not to take him home, and Shorty found another adoptive family.

Eight months later, Coulier received a text message from Best Friends: Shorty had been returned and was up for adoption once again.

Coulier contacted the dog’s fostering organization, Community Animal Welfare Society, and Best Friends’ Pup My Ride program arranged a transport from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Shorty and Ranger met, easily bonded and became pals. The rest is history, and the result is a full house.

“Shorty is now a member of our family and the happiest pup in the world,” Coulier says. “He greets us in the morning and throughout the day with his tail wagging and a smile in his eyes. It’s so rewarding to know that this guy will have a happy home for the rest of his life.”

Wendy Bedwell-Wilson

Wendy has been writing about pets for 10 years. The author of 10 books, Wendy shares her hobby farm home in Oregon with her husband and a diverse group of rescued animals, including two cats, a hound mix, a Chihuahua and a menagerie of barnyard critters.


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