Rescue Cat No One Wanted Finds Best Friend in Little Boy

Larry has been watching over Abel since before the boy was born. What an adorable duo!

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Larry the cat and Abel are inseparable.

Before Abel’s mom, Michelle, even became Abel’s mom, she wanted an orange cat. After discovering that one was being given up because he broke into a food cabinet, Michelle jumped at the opportunity to make her want a reality. She didn’t hesitate to adopt 2-year-old Larry.

She described him to Kitty Army as “every bit as wonderful as people always told me orange cats were.” When she became pregnant with Abel, the bond between cat and child formed. Larry laid on Michelle’s belly every chance he got, and when Abel was a baby, many of his smiles and giggles were because of Larry. Michelle says that Abel’s first word was “Yarry.”

The two are the best of friends. As Michelle said, “When Abel cries, Larry runs over to comfort him. Abel makes sure Larry is with him when he moves from one room to another. Larry tolerates more than I’d ever imagined a cat could or would tolerate.”

And if that weren’t proof enough, take a look at these photos of Larry and Abel together:

Larry brushes Abel. (Photo courtesy Michelle)
The adorable duo. (Photo courtesy Michelle)

Top photo: Cat by Shutterstock.

Cari Jorgensen

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