ResQwalk Saves Pets at Every Step

You can help homeless animals by using an app that tracks your walks and pitches in to shelters for every mile. 

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As one person, the concept of saving so many lives is daunting. Where do I start and will I even make a difference?

Enter ResQwalk, a new, free app that can help on both these fronts. Available on iPhone currently, the Android app is slated to come out the end of this month. ResQwalk provides a manageable way for overwhelmed, cash- or time-strapped animal lovers to make a measurable difference through the course of a normal day.

All it takes is going for a walk; something we do every day, several times a day, can help save lives. Every time you make a Starbucks run, walk your dog or go to the mall, turn on the app and select a rescue group you want to help that day.

“Our vision is to create a platform that makes giving easy,” Bailey Schroeder, CEO and Founder of ResQwalk, said. “People don’t always have time to volunteer with their local animal rescue, or the space to welcome a dog or cat into their home. Now, with ResQwalk, they have a fun, easy way to contribute to a great cause while doing something they’re already doing. Walking.”

Almost 1,000 groups in the United States and Canada that represent rabbits, horses, cats and dogs have signed up so far and the number grows daily. The more you walk, the more money your preferred rescue will receive.  So far enough miles – more than 110,000 – have been logged. That’s enough to circle the globe several times.

The donation pool is divided across participating rescue groups each week. The more supporters who walk, and the longer they walk, the larger piece of the pie that particular organization will receive that given week.  The initial donation pools have been funded by profits from ResQwalk’s Indiegogo campaign and small companies but corporate sponsors are starting to step up to the plate.

Robin Olson, who founded and runs Kitten Associates, says it cost her group no expenses to raise money with the help of ResQwalk. “It does make going for a walk fun because you know you’re helping a rescue while you get the benefit of exercise.”

Rescue groups who want to be included on the app should go to and scroll to the bottom of the page where they’ll find a place to enter their submission (currently U.S. and Canadian charities only). Those who join receive support from ResQwalk along with assets to help them leverage their own social media platforms and get supporters to get out and walking!

My favorite part of the app comes at the end of the walk when you find out how far you’ve walked. A message is generated that can be sent directly to Twitter and Facebook so you can brag about all the good you’re doing and hopefully motivate your friends and family to join in! The app even keeps record of how far you’ve walked in a given week, month and year so you can track your own progress.

ResQwalk’s tagline is “Helping Animals Every Step of The Way.” It helps you, too, by encouraging physical exercise and making you feel that you can make a difference.


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