Veteran Owned Company Makes Metal Art From Your Pup’s Pic

These past two years have been weird for us all. The one consistent thing that kept myself (and probably you as well) sane was our pets. Dogs, Cats, heck even Goats help lower our blood pressure and contribute so much positive energy into our lives.

It is no wonder why the Pet Industry is booming. We love and are thankful for our pets. Who doesn’t want a fun way to celebrate them? Enter

This on-demand custom wall art company is taking the market by storm and, for good reason. You simply upload your favorite pic of your pup and their name (or a fun phrase like “Life With Weenies” or “Employee Of The Year” and their artists will custom sketch it for you, get your approval, and have it delivered to your door free in a couple of weeks. Easy Peasy. AND you can add multiple dogs to one picture.

In addition, you can choose to add a leash rack to it if you want. Pretty neat.

The thing that amazed me is that I had my sketch back within 48 hours and it was spot on! Metal Paw knows what they are doing.

Gifting season is coming up and with all the deadlines, delays, and broken promises they are a memorable, refreshing option that any recipient will go ga-ga over. Here are a few of the many, 5 star testimonials:

If you want to get a gift for yourself or someone else, check out and tell them Lucky Puppy Magazine sent you.

Marshall M.

Dog lover, trainer and writer. If it has to do with dogs, I'm down.

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