This Freaky Looking Mushroom Shaped Toy is Going to Be Your Dog’s New Favorite Addiction

“I have enough dog toys” said no dog ever.

It’s not often we come across a dog toy that is truly different. But the new, freaky looking Portoballo toy caused us to stop and think.

The PortoBallo™ features a high bounce, making it perfect for wide open spaces. The erratic bounce of this ball toy will keep you pup fixated and focused on figuring out where it will go next. Stuff the stem with kibble or kibble-sized treats to make it even more enticing and entertaining for your pup. It even emits a soft oscillating whistle when thrown at high speed, which causes dogs to love it even more and pursue it like its prey!

Take a look at the Portoballo in action:

The PortoBallo™ is part of Project Play™’s PAWW Collection, featuring thoughtfully designed, engaging, multi-use toys. They work with Chuckit!®, Hyper-Pet, and other throwers that fit a tennis ball sized toy. It also floats for aquatic fun when whether permits!

As if we didn’t love it enough, as part of the iHeartDogs Project Play line, every toy purchased from iHeartDogs donates one to a shelter dog in need! Studies have found that shelter dogs have a 70% higher adoption rate when seen playing with toys!


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