Watch Motherless Kittens Survive and Thrive

Watch Brie, Leo, and Oscar, 4-day-old stray Siamese kittens, get the loving care they need to live.

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Imagine being a 4-day-old baby animal without a mom to feed and comfort you. This was the case for Brie, Leo, and Oscar — a trio of stray Siamese kittens who were recently found motherless and hungry in some bushes. Lucky for them, they were found and soon passed off to be lovingly hand-raised at Cats at the Studios (otherwise known as CATS, Inc.) in Burbank, California, a non-profit organization that helps abandoned felines find forever homes.

In the two-minute video posted by PAWsitive, the furry white and gray creatures are finding their way around soft, terrycloth towels as they’re cared for by volunteers. The footage shows the three being individually bottle-fed (which happens around the clock as it would in a natural mother-nursing-all-her-babies situation) and adoringly stroked for added comfort. They then settle in for a shared nap made all the more adorable by some pink-nosed neck nuzzling.

These kittens will be neutered and spayed to keep the ever-growing pet population in check and then they’ll be fostered in private homes by CATS volunteers until they are placed with rescue-minded families in search of a new furry friend. So although their first four days of life were not exactly easy, the coming years hopefully hold a lot more promise, and cuddles.

Whitney C. Harris

Whitney is a New York-based writer for websites including Dogster,, and A former book and magazine editor, she enjoys running (with her dog, Finley), watching movies (also with Finley), and cooking meatless meals (usually with Finley watching close by). She and her husband (and Finley, too) welcomed a baby girl named Rowan in August.


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