While Everyone’s Raising Prices, this Company Made Their CBD Free for Dogs in Pain

We’ve all felt the pain of increasing prices over the last year. Inflation hurts everyone, especially our furry friends if we can’t afford the health care they desperately need.

One company is tackling this issue head on by making their $40 CBD dog chews free, for qualified customers. The requirement is just that you have a dog over the age of 7 who is currently experiencing pain from arthritis. The customer just covers the cost of shipping the bottle of chews, which is around $5.

There is no obligation to purchase again, and while customers are enrolled in autoship for the next month, it can be easily cancelled at any time.

CBD is well known and studied for its pain relief properties, and is widely used for older dogs with joint pain from arthritis.

The owner of the company, Justin Palmer explains, “We’ve felt as if we needed to do something in this economy to help bring relief to more aging dogs. Once customers try our bacon flavored CBD chews and they see that their dogs like the taste, and experience the benefits, they are hooked! That’s why we don’t mind giving the first full size bottle away for free.”

Cannanine was founded in 2017 and has served over 50,000 customers.

Palmer continues, “I started Cannanine 5 years ago after being inspired by my senior rescue husky, Splash. Splash really struggled with anxiety at the time and I was looking for a tool to help calm her down. Not only did CBD help her anxiety, but I continued to use it long term for its pain relief benefits. Today Splash is about to turn 17 years old, and still hikes with me, jogs along side me, and overall still acts like a puppy. It’s absolutely incredible, and I credit Cannanine with helping her age so well.”

Customers can learn more about Cannanine CBD chews by taking this short survey to see if they qualify.


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