Willow and Sierra: A Tale of Two Rescue Pups

Facebook and friends change the life of two grateful dogs and people.

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Our two dogs Willow and Sierra came to us through the magic of social networking.

I spend quite a bit of time on Facebook trying to share information and help find homes for animals  in need. I first saw a photo of Sierra on Facebook, who was in a shelter in Georgia and needed  a home. A friend of mine works with the shelter to try and find homes for the dogs up in the New York/New Jersey area. Arrangements were being made to transport dogs up North and I agreed to take Sierra if they would  drop her off on their way North, which they did. We rendezvoused with the transporter at   around 4:30 in the morning when they were en route to New Jersey and she became our first dog who was not a Golden Retriever (as all of our previous dogs had been).

Our other dog Willow was a puppy mill breeding female. The man who was breeding her didn’t want her anymore and a friend of mine knew I was looking for a Golden. We made arrangements to meet her and it was love at first sight.

Although they have two very different backgrounds, Sierra and Willow now have found their forever  home with my husband and I and we will be forever grateful to my Facebook friends for bringing  them into our lives.


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