Ruggles the Puppy Mill Survivor Has a Feline Best Friend

Not only does the Shih Tzu have a forever home now — he also has an adorable kitten sister!

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What’s better than watching a total fluff-ball of a Shih Tzu puppy waddle around? How about peeping a dinky Shih Tzu pup and an adorable grey-and-white kitten frolic together? Conveniently, that’s exactly what this cross-species flick showcases.

First up, let’s meet Ruggles. He’s a small Shih Tzu who was rescued from a bust at a puppy mill. His main hobby is playing with his oversized pink ball. He also walks like he’s about to topple over at any minute. It’s endearing.

Now let’s introduce the kitten side of this double act. Her name is Chompers, and she was originally found having been dumped under a porch when she was barely 2 days old.

Right off the bat, these two tykes became best friends.

When the search came for a forever home, the original idea was to get them adopted out together, but in the end they decided on separate abodes. (Chompers is said to have become a little too playfully bitey for Ruggles’ liking.)

These days, Ruggles is all about pawing it forward as an official ambassador for the same organization that originally rescued him (the Cherokee County Animal Shelter), and he also visits local schools to tell kids about the horrors of puppy mills. He’d probably make a fine kitten liaison, too.

Top photo: Shih Tzu puppy by Shutterstock.

Phillip Mlynar

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