Dog Rescues Self by Flagging Down Animal Rescue Van

A Yorkshire Terrier took his rescue into his own paws when he hailed an animal rescue vehicle for help.

Last month, two Yorkshire Terriers were stolen from Kirsty Mitton’s U.K. home. The panic that ensued after Alfie and Lillie were taken led Mitton to post flyers and ask for help on Facebook, care2 reports.


Those are measures any of us would take if our dogs were stolen from our homes. If your dog has ever been lost, you can relate to what Mitton was going through. All you want to do is get your pets home safely.

For almost two weeks, there was no on the whereabouts of Alfie and Lillie. But then, more than 100 miles away from Mitton’s Wednesbury home, was Alfie. Likely having been abandoned by the thieves because he was neutered, Alfie appeared in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. When a Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) van drove near, Alfie ran out in the road and barked, seemingly demanding he be let in and taken home.

Stephanie Law, the RSPCA inspector who was driving the van, said in the organization’s blog post, “I have had plenty of people wave me down for help but I have never actually been flagged down by a dog in need of rescue before. I was just driving down the deserted road when I saw Alfie run towards me, clearly trying to attract my attention. He ran right in front of the van, barking, and as soon as I stopped and opened the door he just bounded in and jumped onto the seat – and looked at me. It was as if he recognised my uniform and knew I was there to rescue him. We can only assume he had been dumped in the woods and came running out when he heard me drive along.”

The RSPCA was able to match Alfie with Mitton because Alfie was microchipped. Mitton reportedly got in her car immediately when she received the call and drove to pick him up. She told the RSPCA, “We are over the moon to have Alfie back – we didn’t think we would see him again.”

Lillie, who was not spayed or microchipped, has also been reunited with Mitton, according to DogLost.

Cari Jorgensen

Cari is a former dancer and current dance enthusiast who incorporates all forms of art into her daily life, which includes writing about dogs, cats, and other animals for I-5 Publishing as an assistant web editor. She has an MFA degree in creative writing and has written short stories, poetry, and two novels, which are patiently awaiting revision. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.


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