Make This Puppy Lucky: Paisley the Lab Mix

This sweet, blind dog needs a loving family who will be her guide humans through life.

Meet Paisley, a sweet special-needs girl with tons of love to give. She may not be able to “see” in the conventional sense, but let her “look” into your heart and she’ll promise you a lifetime of devotion.

Name: Paisley.

Age and sex: 3-year-old female.

Breed: Lab mix.

Size and weight: Large and 60 pounds.

Coat: Short and black and white.

Location: Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society.

Activity level: Medium but laid-back when indoors.

Likes: Running around in places she’s familiar with and food.

Dislikes: Hyper dogs getting in her face.

Training: Housebroken, understands some basic commands, walks well on a leash.

Yard requirements: Although not required, a fenced-in yard Paisley can get accustomed to would be best for keeping her safe, as she loves to run outdoors.

Kids: Loves children!

Dogs and cats: She is good with both as long as they don’t jump all over her.

Health issues: Blind.

Her story: Paisley was abandoned on the side of the road in Glenville, North Carolina, in August of last year. When she first arrived at Cashiers-Highlands, she was extremely malnourished and severely underweight. Once it was realized she was vision-impaired, the shelter took her to a veterinary ophthalmologist, who believes she may have been able to see when she was younger. It is possible she sees shadows.

Her ideal forever home: Paisley would do great in a loving, patient family with another calm, settled dog, or as the only dog. Like most visually handicapped animals, Paisley’s heightened hearing and strong sense of smell help compensate for her inability to see, so she is able to get comfortable in new surroundings very quickly.

Paisley's a special girl looking for a special home who will love and appreciate her for who she is. Photos courtesy of Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society.
Paisley’s a special girl looking for a special home who will love and appreciate her for who she is. (Photos courtesy of Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society)

Contact info: Call Kaitlyn Moss or David Stroud 828-743-5752, email [email protected] or visit


Lisa Plummer Savas

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