New Invention Helps Dogs Who Hate Having Their Teeth Brushed

We all know we should be doing it. And most of us try, we really do! But brushing a dog’s teeth (especially a large one) can be a monumental task that no dog or owner looks forward to.

Most of us also know the consequences of not brushing. The plaque and tartar that build up in a dog’s mouth not only cause oral problems, but they’ve been linked with far more serious and even deadly diseases once bacteria enters the bloodstream from the mouth.

Enter the Brite Bite Brushing Stick.

The Brite Bite was invented by a man who lost his own dog to dental disease and was inspired to create a product that both dog owners and dogs actually looked forward to using.

The idea is that the natural rubber scrapes away at the gum line, massaging the teeth in the process.

One of the things we love most about the Brite Bite is the way they give back: for every toy sold they also give one to a shelter dog in need.

While certainly not a replacement for veterinarian recommended dental cleanings, we’re loving both the function and the mission of this new toy.

And shh.. don’t tell your dog its good for them!


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