Nonprofit Receives Almost $10,000 Due To Typo

A mistake on a sheriff’s office rug leads to a nice windfall for a Florida animal rescue organization.

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A typo embroidered onto a rug turned into a windfall for an animal-rescue organization in Florida.

An employee at the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office in Largo recently discovered a spelling error in a green office rug that displayed a big yellow sheriff star, according to NBC 6 South Florida. The $500 rug, placed in the office after a new public safety complex opened a few months ago, had a central logo that said “In Dog We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust.”


But instead of just getting rid of the Almighty-offending rug, sheriff officials decided to auction off the rug online – and raised a whopping $9,650 for Canine Estates, a Palm Harbor nonprofit for injured and abandoned dogs. In the week-long auction that began in the middle of January, 83 people placed a bid.

This is so funny and heartwarming that I can’t help but wonder if a dog-loving member of a manufacturing team put the rug typo there on purpose. This incident brought a lot of laughs and smiles, and best of all, a financial windfall for an organization that is saving dogs’ lives.

Kellie B. Gormly

Kellie Gormly is a Pittsburgh-based journalist otherwise known as “Mother Catresa” to homeless kittens and cats. Read about her adventures in fostering on her blog.


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