Hank the Bichon Mix Goes From Stray Dog to Baseball Star

The Milwaukee Brewer’s newest teammate has a wet nose and wagging tail.

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Hank, a Bichon Frise mix, wandered on to the Milwaukee Brewer’s spring training facility on February 17th. The team posted signs in the area in hopes of finding the small dog’s family, but were happy to welcome him into the fold.

Team employees took the cute pooch to a veterinarian for a checkup and bath, according to The Associated Press. The vet estimated that Hank is around 2 years old. He came with a tail injury and other signs that it may have been hit by a vehicle at some point before making his way to the training facility.

Why name him Hank? The team named him after baseball great Hank Aaron, whose career got its start in Milwaukee. Hank is treated like a member of the team and is already know for his skill at catching grounders. Hank has even been assigned No. 1, for his very own jersey. Obviously trying to woo this star player, Coach Ed Sedar has been known to get Hank his favorite breakfast dish of scrambled eggs fresh from the team’s cafeteria.

“I was in Europe this week on business and I had four texts from my wife,” team owner Mark Attanasio says, in a USA Today report “and three of them were ‘What can I do to adopt Hank the Dog?'”

So far Hank’s owner has not been found. It seems he is a lock to be adopted by the club and make the trip north to Miller Park.

“We want to do what’s right for the team,” Attanasio says, getting down to business. “I think he’s really an asset.”

Hank continues to contribute to the team, even participating in the Brewer’s sausage race wearing a cute hot dog costume.

Samantha Meyers

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