Maverick the Pit Bull Picks the Right Player: MLB Pitcher Tyson Ross

The San Diego Padres pitcher shares how his own rescue dog inspired him to promote adoption.

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It was only fitting that when Petco decided to start a campaign to raise awareness for dog adoptions, it turned to its hometown of San Diego and an occupant of the ballpark that bears the company name.

The San Diego Padres call Petco Park their home, and one of the top players on the team, pitcher Tyson Ross, was also the perfect choice to spread the word about giving rescue dogs a forever home.

In the video, Ross tells the story about how, as a minor leaguer in the Padres’ organization, he was approached by a stray dog one late night after a workout session and took him to what would become his forever home.

“He flashed that smile one time, and I kinda got hooked,” Ross says.

Ross and his wife, Ashley, named the Pit Bull mix Maverick, and he became a permanent part of their family.

Ashley talks about the stresses Tyson experiences as a major league pitcher, and how once he returns home from the ballpark, Maverick is there to take his mind off the game by offering unconditional love -– even it Ross took the loss.

“Our family definitely supports rescuing dogs,” Tyson says. “There’s plenty of dogs out there without homes who definitely deserve a shot.”

Jeff Goldberg

Jeff is a former editor for and sportswriter for the Hartford Courant who covered the UConn women's basketball team (Huskies!) and the Boston Red Sox. He has authored two books on the UConn women: Bird at the Buzzer (2011) and Unrivaled (2015). He lives with his wife, Susan, and their rescue pup, Rocky, in San Diego.


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