Stray Puppy Walks Onto a Video Shoot and Into Singer Arthur Yoria’s Life

When World Animal Awareness Society was capturing footage for Yoria’s song “Ruff Life,” to be featured in its documentary about Houston’s stray dogs, the singer found a forever pal.

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Singer-songwriter Arthur Yoria was helping to raise awareness of Houston’s homeless dogs when life truly imitated art and touched his heart.

With World Animal Awareness Society, Yoria was filming a music video to accompany his song “Ruff Life,” which will appear in the organization’s documentary about strays in Houston. While selecting the location for their shoot, the crew came upon a stray dog, and Yoria took the little female mixed breed under his wing.

But the tiny pup, estimated at 8 weeks old, was covered in fleas. The crew knew she needed special care and a forever home, but they didn’t realize the one to provide it would be Yoria himself. The singer decided to rescue this particular stray and named her Rita Hayworth, after the famous actress.

The crew got in touch with Houston group Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward, which helped get Rita ready for adoption with a bath, the proper shots, and a de-worming.

Rita is now in her forever home with Yoria’s family, and the video tells the whole story about how they came together in the name of homeless dog awareness and proved that truth is also happier than fiction. You can also read more about the meet cute on Dogster.

Jeff Goldberg

Jeff is a former editor for and sportswriter for the Hartford Courant who covered the UConn women's basketball team (Huskies!) and the Boston Red Sox. He has authored two books on the UConn women: Bird at the Buzzer (2011) and Unrivaled (2015). He lives with his wife, Susan, and their rescue pup, Rocky, in San Diego.


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